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To the spiritually awake

The spiritually awakened require a different approach. I mean that healing happens on the inside before it manifests on the outside.

Those who are walking the talk have been doing the hard inner work before it was cool. They may even be ridiculed or called crazy. I suppose hard work can look crazy to some when it can be avoided until…

My point is chiropractic care was one of the original medicines for spiritual and physical healing before marketing, and monetary gain was a thing. It was called “bone-setting.”

Watch enough Gaia network, and you will learn about the nervous system, and it’s deep spiritual roots, and how it connects all of us energetically, physically, & etherically.

It also doubles as an ego force to keep us from levitating into outer space before we can finish our soul assignments here on earth. 😏

It also keeps us safe with ancient codes embedded in our DNA from ancestors at least 7 generations back so our conscious minds don’t have to remember everything from the last thousand years.

It also has all the mechanisms to be as connected and in charge of our physical and metaphysical experiences or as disconnected and distracted as we like.

We have our own matrix to experience whatever we like. It does take work to master and learn how to ask for what you want, clear the hardware and software that supported the old way of being and build all new stuff while we live.

It’s totally possible and very normal. We have been fed the lie that our bodies are ignorant to modern technology and our minds should stay as busy as possible to make sure our bodies are forced in the right direction. <——more on this BS later.

I started writing this to tell you this…

When BJ Palmer put chiropractic on the map, people experienced miracles with almost every adjustment. Some got so hooked on the miracle that they began a routine practice of constantly enhancing their body’s healing and upgrading capacity.

I used to feel frustrated that I didn’t see more people and have more visits in my office. When I finally started asking for testimonials, I realized why. When your body performs its own miracles, you don’t have to come back unless you WANT to.

When encounters yield results like…

  • Passing out 90 times in a month to 0-5 times in a month, depending on how much stuff you do now that you wouldn’t dare try before (in 2 visits)

  • Unemployed because of health to 2 full-time jobs (in 3 visits)

  • Back handspring that has been impossible for years due to pain is now easy (in 2 visits)

  • Debilitating numbness in arms and shoulders at a nine on the pain scale GONE (in one visit)

  • Constant Lower back pain that worsens going from sitting to standing and bending to pick up the animals, reduced from a 10 to a 2 (in one visit)

  • Tears of joy that you can now use your mind to enjoy loved ones instead of anxiety from pain and worry (in one visit)

I used to become angry & frustrated that my office numbers weren’t higher, and then I realized that miracles don’t require return visits.

When miracles are normal, and the personality & body are deeply honored and respected, people come back because they WANT to.

They WANT to normalize the daily miracle.

When it happens daily, it isn’t so sexy on the drama scale anymore. Unrequited freedom from the cage of physical and mental pain is hard to walk away from.

Even when it hurts to stay.

It’s been the norm for so long, and that BS has been sold to us from an early age at every turn.

For those of you who have normalized the miracle, thank you for raising the vibes and ditching the densities.

For all of you who keep coming back, I adore you ❤️

Thank you for co-creating with me to make this place one BIG - A$$ miracle town💫


Dr. Caroline


(***These are direct testimonials. This is not a claim for a specific result or a claim for medical results. This is in no way a substitute for a specialist, medical, or psychiatric treatment. These results were the product of facilitated healing, appropriate intention, and proper dialogue between healer & facilitator)

PS - sound wild? It should. Are you ready for your own BIG A$$ miracle? Yes!!! Angels are singing somewhere and breakdancing while pre-witnessing the miracle you have yet to experience.

Where do you start, and how do you get it?

  1. break some cycles

  2. Alchemize your miracle

  3. Make it the norm

  4. Do it again

What does this even mean, and how?

Im so glad you asked!!

Breaking cycles & normalizing the miracle are my specialty 💁🏻‍♀️ - this is what I teach day in and day out. #OBSESSED

Alchemizing your miracle is all you, boo!

However, it already exists inside of you. It isn’t separate from you. And I can teach you how to uncover it! 💫🌍🔥

If you want something different, are willing to be led, & are open to seeing things differently, you’re ready! 💯

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