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An expansive healing style

Often times after a patient experiences their first interaction, I’m asked what technique I use and where my training originated. The short answer is….. technique is individualized to the patient. If there is a specific technique you are looking for, that would help narrow your search.

In my practice I have used Neurokinetic Therapy, Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, Kinesiology, genetics testing, Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, muscle stim, Reiki, Functional Movement Screening, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Cadenced breathing for hyper-oxygenation & nervous system reset, Progressive Muscular Relaxation, the Erchonia laser (neurological application & meridian application) and enzymes if applicable.

Adjustment wise, I was trained in Pettibon, Diversified technique, Thompson technique, Gonstead Technique, & Toggle-Recoil.

There are many more I use for my specific adjusting style.

I’m currently training in Quantum Time Release and Evolved NLP for emotional root of physical pain.

My curations include:

1x/month program for my “out of towners”

An online program for those who enjoy the comfort of home

A breakthrough process that accommodates proximity AND distance

Quantum healing & root cause approach drive my modalities & programs

Love & light!

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