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How to break a cycle

Cycle breaking doesn’t have to be hard.

There is a method.

There is a fastest way.

There are fundamentals.

Until these fundamentals are met & integrated, the cycle will remain.

I’ve struggled with body image.

I’ve struggled with health & food.

I’ve struggled with relationships.

I’ve struggled with money.

I’ve struggled with indecision, and I’ve struggled to understand boundaries.

The struggle doesn’t have to remain a struggle when you understand the roots of the pattern and how to break the cycle.

Mine began with health issues at a young age as a result of; early childhood trauma, dysfunctional internal family systems, narcissism & codependence modeled by family, diet culture, symptom treatment & pain management, and failure to understand the fundamentals of health. I only knew survival mode. I didn’t understand walking through life from wholeness.

If you feel stuck, you are not alone.

Getting unstuck starts with one decision, even if your eyes are closed the whole time from the fear of not knowing or “what if”.

It starts here ❤️

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