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Learning my Why in Quantum Healing

Today I learned ...

There are 3 primary types of people: those who know “Why”, those who know “How”, and those who know “What”.

I’m a “Why” person.

Most of me stays firmly planted in the future, focusing on that which most cannot see. Envisioning possibility and miracles as if they were normal and a matter of choice.

I’ve been called crazy, unrealistic, obsessed, out of touch with reality, unorthodox, a magician, radical, impractical, disillusioned, genius, and dangerous.

Until now I have been afraid to show all of “me” to the world. Afraid my beliefs would bring ridicule and leave me isolated, abandoned, and alone.

I’ve lost friendships, jobs, money, sleep, stability and sanity chasing this dream fueled by Purpose that lives in my bones.

I’ve wondered if my inability to let go of this dream fueled by belief & purpose makes me the person who cannot leave the poker table. After all, a belief is only a thought you keep thinking…(Bruce Lipton & Abraham…. & Probably Joe Dispenza).

I know this…

In my model of the world limits are chosen because they support our dreams

Every person is a magnificently perfect creature with infinite possibility, even if they cannot see it.

I can.

Everyone can heal.

From anything.

Details are a matter of free will.

And free will is honored.

There is always a way. And if not, it is only a matter of time.

Time is the only thing between now and the miracle that cannot yet be fathomed

And time is a man-made construct.

Time is not linear. It is quantum in nature.

And so is healing.

Anything can be healed.

At any stage.

Belief is the determinant.

Belief is not in the mind, but a knowing in the body.

The body knows it can heal. It knows how to heal. It’s the conscious mind that must step aside from the role it was never meant to play.

When healing happens, reality shifts. FAST.

That thing you’re afraid of? Is the fast forward button. The mind will convince you to stay put if given enough time to “think”

My job is to believe in the impossible

It’s only impossible until it isn’t.

Belief is the entry way to the impossible becoming probable.

Enough toward-wall focus on probability drives momentum, shifting the impossible to reality

This is quantum healing. Frequency medicine. Ancient Wisdom. Stardust & DNA.

And it resides in every single cell of your body

I see it.

In my model of the world you have already become the version of you that you cannot imagine.

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