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Personal Sovereignty

Nothing impacts your economy. You are your own economy.

No rules mess with your plan. You make the rules in your world, and your plan plays out accordingly.

No one’s shitty mood messes with your vibe. Your energy field maintains its frequency. Shit will be shut out by default.

Your health is YOUR health. No specialist determines your vitality & life force.

Your happiness belongs to YOU. People, places, and things come and go while your happiness stays.

You approach life from wholeness. No reaching, asking, begging, or over-giving. No is easy, and you receive anyway.

You are your resource. Limitation doesn’t apply. The structure you choose does. Enough always comes. More than enough is your birthright.

Fluidity is yours. You can change your mind. As often as you want. And it works perfectly.

In sovereignty, the shit is simply fertilizer ❤️🔥

Straighten your crown, my dear.

You are the sovereign.

Your kingdom awaits. 👑

~Dr. Caroline

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