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The tricky B*tch

Are you aligned with what’s truly yours, or are you reaching for what you think you want?

What’s the difference?

One is meant for you, and the other is a shiny distraction.

The distraction may not even be shiny. It may just feel safer than what is truly meant for you.

You may be thinking… ”Why the hell would I reach for a shiny distraction instead of the gold destined for me??”


Fear is the one thing that will keep you from everything you are meant to be.

Fear is the root of every confusing emotion that keeps you from stepping forward in faith. Even confusion and shutdown are rooted in fear.

Fear messaging is all around us. Unless you are one of the lucky ones whose caregivers identified this tactic and healed from this way of thinking… Replacing fear, guilt, and shame with sovereignty, empowerment, and love. Or maybe you have made a concerted effort to remove the fear messaging from your life. In some way, you have been exposed since birth.

News, media, television, radio, billboards, magazines, internet, marketing, commercials, religion, Aunt Sharon who is addicted to fear & chaos, Grammy who just wants the best for you, peers convincing you that THEIR fears are valid in YOUR life too.

I’m not saying bury your head in the sand about that new tax law, the latest new health affliction (same shit, different names), or a weather-related disaster brewing….. I’m saying don’t start planning for the worst possible outcome without getting all the information.

If the info you receive incites fear or panic, you got a carefully curated portion of the full story. You got a particular slice of the pie. You were presented with one ingredient in the recipe. You were shown one square foot of the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Addressing fear is hard. It’s been laid into the fabric of modern community. We were tribe men & tribe women before we became autonomous beings. We were made to connect with other humans, and we were made to form lifelong relationships and cordial acquaintances. This is our operating system. The operating system will make changes when necessary. If an insecure attachment is at play, bids for connection will be fear-based. Sounds wild. Until that unthinkable moment plays out.

Unless you are part of less than 10% of the population who has developed secure attachment as an adult (check out the Adult Attachment Repair Model!), this mechanism has been seared into your DNA.

Fear is a tricky b*tch.


This little darlin’ will pose as your intuition. Except it’s fear. And it’s keeping you from everything you want.

How the f*ck do you tell the difference between fear and intuition?

I’m so glad you asked……..

  1. stop gaslighting yourself

  2. Learn how to identify where fear is hiding

  3. Cultivate self-trust

  4. Note the patterns

  5. Recognize the thought behind the pattern

  6. Remove the toxicity from your life

It’s simple. Not to be confused with easy.

The good news is you can walk straight through that fear.

The other news is…… it can drag on for as long as you choose to avoid stepping out in faith.

Ready for more??

I got you, boo... ;)

Dr. Caroline

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