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Looking for the next best 30-day diet?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Let’s be real… Our bodies know what they need. They are always adapting, in our favor, even when it pisses us off and looks like one big inconvenience.

Those 10 extra pounds? That could be saving your blood acidity level due to all the unprocessed emotions that have been internalized. Those emotions are connected to stress hormones, also compartmentalized by that smart body of yours.

We have been taught that any amount of weight can be gained or lost in 30 days, there is always a shortcut, and if you pay “x” amount of dollars you can skip all the hard work.



It doesn’t take a Harvard degree to know an apple is better suited for optimum health than the double death by chocolate 7 layers of darkness lava cake with 3 dollops of ice cream and homemade whipped cream. That comes pretty standard.

HOWEVER, when there are industries formed that hire scientists to extract nutrients and create flavorings in a laboratory that hit all the high notes, our insides are being lied to.

You see, your tastebuds, tongue, small intestine, stomach, spleen, kidneys, gallbladder, large intestine, brain, eyeballs, nose, teeth and salivary glands (I know I missed some but you get the point) all work together to tell you what nutrient it is that your body needs to clean house, repair damaged cells, make sure the brain has everything it needs, and clean up all the pertinent connections while doing away with what is just extra.

Our bodies are wired for efficiency.

This thing about measuring the impact of a calorie (by the way, is the amount of energy needed to raise one gram of water one degree Celsius) was never needed before convenience foods became cheap plastic posing as food.

Also, that thing about one gram of WATER???

Before you begin to count any calories or try and eating style with a properly marketed (monetized) name, DRINK WATER.

Water is the main part of the definition of a calorie, OTHER THAN ENERGY. Frequency is everything and it has everything to do with water and mindset.

If you really want a different result, stop looking for a better shortcut and just do the work. The best side effect is health & happiness.

The first step is to stop gaslighting yourself and to stop falling for the gaslighting around food & fitness out there in the diet industry. The fundamentals are the foundation. Stop spending the majority of your money on stuff to mitigate the impact of a shitty diet. It won’t work long term.

Your body will adapt as best it can until it can’t anymore.

I’ve been there. I’ve been to all of the “there’s” I just riffed about.

Which is why I’d love to save you the trouble and tell you the truth from the beginning.

Here it is-

You are not broken.

Your body is perfectly adapting.

Your body is always adapting.

Your body is far more powerful than you will be told on most platforms.

You don’t need another diet or to be harder on yourself or to be more disciplined.

We were not made to need discipline with food.

We were made to live naturally, in a tribe of people, who were emotionally connected, healthy, happy, and cared deeply for one another.

We were made to eat seasonally and live cyclically.

We were made to sleep when we are tired & wake up with the sun.

When what you taste doesn’t match the impact within, your body systems stop trusting each other.

This is where the gaslighting begins.

The good news is… I am a recovering self-gaslighter. I know this mechanism, what it feels like, how confusing it can be, and the illusions involved. It’s a tricky b*tch. It can last decades and feel insurmountable. It can feel hopeless because you don’t know where to find real information that applies to you. You don't know who to trust, what food is safe, and you just want your food to taste good, damnit!

That cycle has been seared into my being.

I went so far as to compete in bodybuilding competitions while fighting with my body & mind.

At one point I could only digest egg whites and had severe celiac symptoms (while I was told it was all in my head by my coach - AGAIN, GASLIGHTING)..

I get it. I promise you I get it. I feel you. I see you. I lived it.

I respect the fundamentals but hate taking more time than necessary.

I love skipping steps, and therefore, have located on multiple occasions, the ones that cannot be skipped. I have also found the most efficient approach to really healing. That’s my jam.

First step:

  1. Have the courage to stop gaslighting yourself.

I’ll save the rest for later.

Tata for now!

Remember, you are a badass and you are so alive!!

P.S. if you are ready to drop the diet cycle, you're ready to join this evolution!

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