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The problem is never actually about the problem.

We have been trained to think this way and address problems in this manner.

The real problem is attacking the SYMPTOM of the underlying problem ON REPEAT. This is how that diet cycle stays alive. This is how that toxic relationship pattern continues to pop up. This is how money never seems to stay.

The weight issue is never about the weight.

The money problem isn’t about the money.

The relationship problem isn’t about you being cursed; doomed to a fate of utter loneliness while you pay off your karmic debt.


It can seem like this is what’s happening until you go deeper.

There is a root to every perceived problem. There is causation and consequence. There is right action, and there is wrong action.

The softer version of that last statement is aligned action and misaligned action. Inspired action and gutting it out.


This cannot be controlled, is always working, and does not care about your morals, ethics, wants, or needs.

In case you were wondering, I’m totally going to say something about frequency, personal sovereignty, truth, and a bunch of other jazz at some point... Maybe in a different blog, but more is always coming!

We are absolutely bombarded with half-truths. Half-truths about the food we eat, half-truths about what we “need” to attain “health,”.... Blah blah blah.

Discernment is key to navigating all this half-truth BS, and discrimination is the action required.

I’m a cut-to-the-chase kind of person. I like to know black and white. The far left and the far right. Where is the wiggle room, and what can be skipped? What cannot be skipped, and what are the fatal moves to avoid?

I ask a lot of questions, and I love to know “WHY .”This was my favorite word as a child and got me the nickname Magpie.

I would ask “why” until the adult in charge lost their cool and told me to can it. I really wanted to know the root of everything. What is the essence? When the fluff and nonsense are cleared away, what actually matters?

What habits matter?

What measurements matter?

What have I not been told?

What have I been doing that I don’t have to do to attain a result?

What have I yet to do that would get me there faster?

What limits have I been taught that don’t actually apply?

What have I not been taught that Tony Robbins would teach his child?

How would Tony Robbins’ kid live?

What would Tony Robbins’ child watch on television?

What would Tony Robbins’ little one know about money? Mindset? Relationship? Food? Water? Government? Rules? Laws?

So many amazing teachers with mind-bending stories exist - this man came to mind first while typing this out :) Also, he and his wife had a child not long ago. His sweet wife, Sage, was 49 when she had that child. Age-ism be gone!!

All of these things matter.

If you’re ready to stop dancing around the outskirts of the problem and get to the heart of it... Let’s slice and dice!

It won’t be comfortable. It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it!

Step out in faith, my lovely! It takes courage... about six types of it. I’ll cover this later :)

Tata for now ;)

~Dr. Caroline

P.S. if you're ready to understand fundamentals in the food & health world instead of just trying another diet, then join us in Drop the Diet Cycle

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