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Stop gaslighting yourself

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

You deserve health. You deserve healing. You deserve vitality and you deserve for all of your desires to manifest into reality. You deserve to know what it feels like for your energy to flow so perfectly into your life’s purpose so that “no” comes easy. You deserve for your cup to be so full that you can’t help but spill joy onto everyone in your path. You deserve a life full of love, joy, support, and enough. You also deserve more than enough. You deserve fucking overflow. You deserve boundaries, you deserve loving yourself first, and you deserve life working FOR you.

You deserve to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and validated.

You deserve honesty, integrity, and aligned energy & frequency.

You deserve interactions based on right - relationship. Right relationship with you, right relationship with others, and right relationship with karma.

You deserve all the good shit life has to offer.

Here’s the question: what do you want? Here’s the next question: what are you experiencing?

If they are the same, awesome! Let’s vibe - and teach me your vibey ways .

If they are different... you may be gaslighting yourself.


What do I mean by this?

When was the last time you said, “I shouldn’t feel this way but...” ← this.

This right here. Your feelings are ALWAYS valid.


Whoever or whatever taught you they aren’t, did the best they could with what they knew. Put your hand on your heart right now and thank the little version of you for sticking with you through all the conditioned gaslighting.

When you check in with the you at the core of you...

That one, the one that gets shushed on a semi-regular basis, always knows. That one knows when the relationship is toxic. She knows when it’s time to move and she knows when that ‘dream’ wasn’t really yours. She knows when to ask for help and she knows what she really loves to do. She knows what brings her joy. She knows when she is tired and she respects it all. She honors herself. All of herself. And she may feel lost, confused, broken, afraid, or tired. She may have so many masks that she isn’t sure which one to wear today because she has formed an entirely new character whose job is to choose masks and master zones of competence & excellence.

If she could scream so you could hear her, she would shatter all of the masks and burst through the decades of conditioning and into her zone of genius where she is perfectly seen, perfectly heard, perfectly understood, and cares not what any outsider thinks because ego has no place here. She would rip off the shrouds of behavior & conditioning society says are appropriate and operate in the most magical & mysterious way that only she can.

Here she is an alchemist.

She sits at the head of her table. The center of her circle. Straightens her crown. And commands the universe with every cell in her body.

She is a supernova.

She is you.

So please, my dear... if you can only do one thing, if you are exhausted beyond belief, if you don’t know where to start, stop gaslighting yourself.

You are precious.

You are loved.

You are not alone.

P.S. to be more involved with Dr. Caroline Carpenter and a community claiming what they deserve in life & health, check out Intentional Healers Platinum at

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