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shake up the
health game as a


There aren't enough hours in life to stay stuck in passive patterns.
There's no reason to pursue less than the best possible experience in your




You value vibrant quality of life
So why is change towards rich quality of life such a challenge?

Your body can perceive change
as a threat to your health

Your mind can perceive change as a
threat because it avoids the unknown

Your relationships can perceive change
as a threat because their mind
avoids the unknown

This is why it's easier to
stay in the cycle

but you're here to break it!

This is better than a fairy godmother
because I'm putting the wand to your wishes in your hand.


Fall in love with more awareness and deeper trust in yourself!

Feel sexy, empowered and confident in your life & body!

Be prepared to break cycles old and new as they come to you.

Feed your curiosity for the taboo health secrets that will have everyone asking you, 
"How are you doing it?"

ready for a massive uplevel in life?

Six-month transformation
guided support & education
A dedicated community
Online setting

Cycle Breaker schedule.png

Ready to know your

It looks a lot like full access to the Food Diva digital course...

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